Baby carriages are part of the most imperative items you need to buy for your baby. There are quite a number of baby carriages you can choose from, just like many other items out there, thereby making the selection process very difficult. The overall maneuverability, safety, budget and lifestyle are the major factors that will determine the type of baby carriages you should opt for.


Maneuverability is particularly imperative aspect to consider when buying baby carriages. To maneuver easily and make sure that the carriage does not tip when negotiating a bend, you should make sure that you look for baby carriages with basic features like stable wheelbase, comfortable handle height as well as the swivel wheels.


Durability and weight tend to go hand in hand, in terms of baby carriages. Metal frame carriages are known to be the most durable and stable. Nevertheless, it should be noted that these are always the heaviest options. On the other hand, heavier carriages do tend to last longer than the more lightweight models.


The safety of your child is your topmost priority when choosing baby carriages. You should make sure that any model you choose is in compliance with the ASTM safety standards, as a precautionary method.

Your Budget

Your list of baby carriages will reduce drastically, if you pinpoint how much you would like to spend. However, the fact that you are on a budget doesn’t mean that you have to use a baby carriage that can be defective or worn out and even buy off-brands. You can shop online for quality brands you trust for less. Many credible retailers that have similar products as the retail stores, but for less money, are available online. Shop around and stick to your budget and guidelines, and you will do fine!

Your Lifestyle

It is very important to determine when, where and how you will be using the carriage, before you start weighing the pros and cons of different baby carriages. You should consider the prospective baby carriage size and weight, if you plan on using it primarily to take the baby along on errand running missions, particularly if you live in the city and will have to carry it up and down stairs in your apartment building and the subway station.

Choosing the best carriage for your baby can be a bit challenging because of the many options available. As baby carriages are vital items for newborns, you need to consider factors like your lifestyle, budget, durability, safety and maneuverability of baby carriages before you make your choice.

How to Choose the Best Baby Carriages
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