It is quite important to know how to dress new borns, particularly if you are expecting your first child. This is necessary because the idea of dressing new borns and getting their curled up arms and legs into clothes can be overwhelming, if you are not used to holding a new born.

It is always wise to seek help from your midwife, but highlighted here are a few guidelines to take that will safe you from hurting new borns when dressing them.


Do Not Panic

Do not be afraid or panic when dressing new borns for the first time. Although babies are fragile in nature, but the fact remains that they do not break easily. Feed the new born before dressing him/her, if the baby is hungry as this is an easy way to calm a baby.

Dress New Borns in Vest and Baby Grow

Dress new borns in baby grow and vest when at the hospital. Vest that its neck looks like an envelope as well as popper fastenings at the bottom, are the easiest vests to put on a new born. Follow this simple guide to put it on your new born, particularly if you are new to dressing a new born

  • Un-popper the vest at the underneath
  • Scrunch the back and the front up and open up the envelope neck to have a circular opening for the head and pull up the rest of the vest
  • Put the baby on the vest in such a way that the back of its head is in the circular opening and the back is under the neck.
  • Hold the scrunched up front and through the gap of the neck with your fingers
  • Make use of a movement to draw the front of the vest above the head of the baby and the entire vest is around the neck now.
  • Push the arms of the baby gently into the arm holes and move the baby to its side.
  • Draw the back down, roll it back to its back and draw the front down as well
  • Popper up under the nappy and you are done
  • Put the baby grow on top

Outer Layer

Using an outer layer when you leave the hospital is another way to dress new borns. Outer layer is a baby hat made of snuggle suit and soft cotton. Put the hat underneath the head and then pull it forward. Trying to put the hat on from the front to back may prove difficult because a new borns neck is weak. Put snuggle suit on in just the same way as you would the baby grow.

These are few ways to dress new borns for the first time. Nevertheless, you can seek the assistance of your midwife, if you are not sure of what to do.

How to Dress New Borns for the First Time
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