It’s important to know how to help your child to walk because his first step is one of the greatest memories you will always remember. Not all children are able to walk in the same age, some children begin their first step early from the age of 9 months, and some start walking in the age of 1 year. So walking differs from a baby to another.


These are some tips to help your baby make his first step

  • Raise his head while he is lying on his stomach. This helps to strengthen the muscles of his lap, you can also put his favorite toy far from him and try to motivate your child to reach it
  • Encourage your child to get the balance: When your child is able to sit, train him on balance by picking up a ball with his hands and try to make it pass on his side so he can turn to catch
  • Help him to stand alone for the first time: When the standing child falls from your hands for, it will help him to depend on the himself, so in the next time, after making sure that the floor will not hurt him if he falls, help your baby to stand and then move away your hands slowly so you will be supporting his self-confidence.
  • Make your child walk in front of you: Help your child in his first steps then leave him and stay close to help him in case he falls, encourage him when he walks and praise him, this way he will gain more confidence in himself.
How To Help Your Child Walk?
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