Selecting the best formula for your new baby is always a great concern. It is important to select a brand that is nurturing and will keep your little one healthy and happy. There are many great formulas for babies. However, if your child needs a special formula due to allergies, there are formulas as well such as soy formula that is an excellent product for babies.


Soy is not milk and is made from soy protein isolates or whole soy beans. It is absolutely safe, and the preferred choice by most physicians when children are unable to take regular formula. Important vitamins such as calcium, minerals and iron are all included in the formula.

What Makes Soy Formula Different?

Soy formula does not contain regular milk from a cow, or any other lactose products found in milk. The milk helps promote development and normal growth. People who also prefer their infant to follow a vegetarian diet can also use soy formula for their infants.

Types of Soy Formulas

Powdered Infant Formula

One of the most used types of soy formulas is the powered type. The powered is measured out into the bottle being given to the infant, and then mixed with water. Not all children can take powdered formula, such as infants with immune problems or who have been born prematurely. However, in cases such as that it is important to work closely with your child’s doctor to make sure they receive the best nutrition possible.

Concentrated Baby Formula

When using concentrated formula parents prepare the mixture in equal parts. Such as half water and half formula. It is important to prepare the formula correctly to avoid illnesses or even malnutrition in your little one. Concentrated baby formula usually comes in a can, you want to make sure the bottle does say add water before adding. Watering down formula too much can lead to malnutrition in young infants.

Ready-to-Feed Formula for Babies

Parents love less complicated situations. For parents, the less complications getting around with their baby the better. Ready-to Feed formula is already prepared and can be easily packed for traveling. There are no worries about having to prepare the formula, it is already made.

It is important to remember that no two formulas are the same. Read the labels to know what exactly is included in the formula you have selected for your little one. Depending up your child’s medical needs, growth and development, will determine the type of formula that you will need to give your baby on the regular. When you are in doubt about selecting the best formula for you infant, discuss your concerns with their pediatrician.

Determining Whether Soy Formula Is Right for Your Newborn
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