It is no more news that breastfeeding is the best for your new born baby. However, you can opt for baby formula if there are circumstances or situations that will not allow you to give your baby breast milk. Do you intend to feed your newborn on baby formula? Then you need to understand the 5 things highlighted below.

Leftovers Should Always be Thrown Away

Are you one of those whose baby doesn’t always exhaust his bottle in the course of feedings? Do not be tempted to keep the leftover of the baby formula to be given to him later. Bacteria from the saliva of the baby can increase in the bottle. Therefore, always toss any leftover baby formula. Give smaller servings of the formula, if you are worried about waste and give him a refill if hungry for more.

Formula-fed Babies always require Less Food

Baby formula prepared from cow’s milk is more difficult to digest than breast milk from Mom. This is because of the large curds it forms that stays longer in the tummy, giving a baby a feeling of fullness that can last a number of hours. This will eventually result to longer breaks between feedings, which is probably three or four hours, even when babies are small.

It is not necessary to Warm Baby Formula before Feeding

Do you believe that a baby cannot drink a bottle of baby formula unless you warm it? Do a rethink. There is no health benefit associated with heating up a bottle of baby formula before giving your baby. While some babies like their food cold or at room temperature, others prefer it warm. It is simply a matter of taste.

All formula contains the same essential ingredients

Despite the fact that shopping for formula can be overwhelming with all the different types, brands and price points to choose from, the good news is that they are all made equal as far as nutrition is concerned. The reason for this is that baby formulas are controlled by the Food and Drug Administration, which expects manufacturers to add particular amounts of 29 specific nutrients in each serving, including calcium, iron, protein and fat. (Some manufacturers incorporate extras such as fatty acids ARA and DHA that studies reveal that can help boost brain function.

Choosing baby formula for your baby is a good idea, particularly is a situation where you cannot breastfeed him. Nevertheless, you must understand that there is more to baby formula feeding. Take note of the vital points mentioned above when your babies are on baby formulas to guarantee their healthy living.

Baby Formula Feeding – 4 Things You Should Understand
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