Caring for newborn can be a difficult task, especially for first time parents. However, once you get the hang of it, you will have it in the bag. A big part of baby care is making sure that they are always safe and protected, and this means from themselves as well. Long fingernails can be a big problem with some infants. The nails can cause them to scratch themselves and draw blood that can be quite painful to a little one, and leave a mark on their little delicate body. So, as the parent you have to provide nail care.

Baby Fingernail Care

  • Purchase baby nail clippers from your local department store, or baby store. These clippers are especially made for young children. The clipping part of the clippers are usually not as sharp as those on adult clippers. Do not use adult fingernail clippers on baby.
  • Hold the baby’s hand in your hand while clipping the nails. Do not bite the nails off. Some parents have done this, however, the likelihood of a baby getting a nail infection is greater by doing so.
  • Be prepared to clip your baby’s nails a few times a week. Their little fingernails and toenails can grow very quickly.
  • For best results, trim or file your baby’s nails when she’s asleep and her hands are less of a moving target. Make sure you push the baby’s skin away from the clippers to avoid clipping their little skin.
  • At the first sign that your little one’s nails are growing back, it is a good idea to go ahead and clip them. For the most part it will feel as if your child’s nails are growing overnight, and you are probably right.

Baby Toenails and Feet Care

Your baby has little toes and feet that will need proper care. The toenails are much like the fingernails on a baby. The nails are soft and usually simple to cut. You should also be sure to keep the feet of your little one clean on the regular. For some baby reason, they love to keep their feet and toes in their mouth. Yes, it can be quite funny and cute to see at first, however, you have to consider the germs that can be passed along as well. It is a good idea to clean the little feet when you are wiping their little hands off.

It is understandable to have some apprehension about nail care at first for your baby. It is common to worry about cutting their skin, or how the little one will react. However, once you get into a routine it will become easier. You will also be happy that you took the time to care properly for you little one.

Fingernail and Toenail Care in Infants
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