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Toddlers have nothing to fear, they are energetic and full of curiosity. The fact that toddlers have no boundaries makes them easier to get wounded. Young children from 1 to 2 years old have the high probability of getting injured. Hence, anyone who takes care of the toddlers may feel exhausted in paying full attention to whatever they do and touch, to avoid that.

To reduce your burden in accordance with the safety of toddlers at playtime, outside and inside the house, here are few tips you may consider to ensure the safety of toddlers.

Safety in the Bathroom

When the bathroom is not in use, put the toilet lid down as a way to avoid calling a plumber. In addition, drain the bathtub after use.

In the Bedroom

Candles, lamps, drapes or flowing curtains, area rugs and pictures are parts of decoration to raise our mood on one hand. On the other hand, they can be unsafe to toddlers. Table cloth with a table lamp on it can attract the attention of your toddlers. These kids like light and they always endeavor to hold it. They may likely draw a chair and stand on it to get to where the lamp is placed and this might turn to disaster. Therefore, make sure you set the bedroom toddler proof.

In the Kitchen

Toddlers take pleasure in joining their mothers in the kitchen when they cook or dish food. To avoid accident in the kitchen and make it safe, turn the handles of pan, kettle, pot and wok away to be out of reach of toddlers. Never leave any unused electric items plugged and put the cords out of reach of toddlers.

In the Car

Make sure that the car seats of toddlers are suitable to safety regulations and installed correctly. For height and weight factors, put a booster seat. You also need to make the child locks active, to prevent your toddlers from opening the window or door.

Finally, the safety of our toddlers is our duty as parents. However, tips to ensure the safety of toddlers above will prevent toddlers from injury.

How to Ensure the Safety of your Toddlers
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