Mother and Newborn Baby

All new parents want the reassurance that their little one loves them. Parents know that it takes a few years to actually hear the words. However, actions in many cases with little ones speak very loud when they are young. There are many things that little one will do that will show you just how special and important you are to them.


Your little one becomes attached to you because of the day in and day out interaction that you have with one another. Your little one cannot help but fall in love with you because of the wonderful treatment and loving that you give to them. It might just be a twinkle in their eye or little smile when you pick them up, or love on them that will reassure their love for you.

Your Baby Knows Who You Are

When you walk into a room at day care or even at home, and your little one immediately goes to reaching for you, or raising their hands for you to pick them up, that is there way of wanting to be with you. They know that with you they are safe and get the best love and care from you. “When a baby’s distressed and his parents respond, he learns he can count on them for comfort and relief and that he matters,” says Linda Gilkerson, Ph.D., director of the Irving B. Harris Infant Studies Program at Erikson University.” They might even associate your face with good food, one on one time, or just good cuddling.

The Stare Game

Babies will stare you down. Have you ever turned away from them for a few minutes and turn back and they are staring so hard they flip themselves over trying to watch and find you in the room. That means you are definitely doing something the little one enjoys watching. They take joy in having you around, and do not want you out of their sight for one minute.

Smooches & Gummed by Baby

You might just have those days were your little one just want to plant kisses all over your face. Kisses on the nose, cheeks, mouth are just some of the places the little one might grab and plant a big wet one. They love using their gums at times as well, especially when they are teething.

Pulls Away and Crawl Back

Your little one might play the pull away game. They know that you want them to come to you, so they will get a little close and then crawl away really fast. There hopes are for you to finally catch them, and love them in the end. They just want your affection but want to make you work for it.

Giggling & Clapping Hands

The little one might clap their hands when they see you and giggle uncontrollable. You might notice this a lot when you leave them with a baby sitter while at work or running errands. They are happy that the one person they know truly loves them and is constant in their life is back to be with them. There should never be a doubt whether you little one loves you. You are the one constant person in their life, so why wouldn’t they grow a bond and attachment to you.

How to Tell if Your Baby Loves You
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