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Which type of water do you use in preparing baby formula for your newborn baby? Did you know that newborns are very vulnerable to contaminants discovered in tap water? That is why it is quite imperative to use only pure, safe and clean water to make baby formula.

Babies rely on their parents for adequate care and nutrition. For this reason, it is critical that you make use of baby formula water that has been well purified and free from contagion.

What is in tap water that makes it dangerous for babies?

A lot of contaminants are in tap water. The biological and chemical are the two types of contaminants that are most dangerous to the health of babies.

Biological Contaminants

These are like parasites, viruses and bacteria that carry quite a lot of water borne diseases. Water borne diseases causes diarrhea that can later lead to dehydration that are deadly to infants. Biological contaminants such as parasites, viruses and bacteria carry quite a lot of water borne diseases. Water borne diseases on the other hand mainly come with diarrhea that later lead to dehydration.

Dehydration is lethal to infants and due to diarrhea; there are millions of death every year. As a matter of fact, water borne diseases are really the second leading cause of death in infants. E.coli, cryptosporidiosis, rotavirus, hepatisis A, amebiasis, cholera and typhoid are water borne diseases that may be acquired by using unsafe baby formula water.

Chemical Contaminants

These are also very dangerous for babies in view of the fact that they can affect behavior, nervous system function and intellectual development. Also, chemical contaminants can lead to cancer, learning disabilities, developmental delays, mental defects and even death in infants.

Some of the common chemicals found in tap water are arsenic, nitrites, benzene and lead.

Lead – This is present in old lead pipes and it can cause learning disabilities, cancer, mental defects, kidneys and even nerves problems.

Benzene – Comes from industrial seepage and pollution. Benzene can lead to damage to the central nervous system and cause leukemia.

Arsenic – Comes from industrial and mining emissions that can cause many types of cancer, such as kidney cancer and skin cancer.

Your newborn could be subjected to these health threats by giving him or her contaminated baby formula water. Have a water filtration system installed in your home, if you want to be sure about the quality of the water you will use to prepare your baby formula. Filtration removes physical, chemical and biological contaminants in water effectively. This makes tap water safe for cooking, drinking and other household purposes for your family, particularly for the safety of your newborn.

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