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Packing a diaper bag is an art. Here’s a quick rundown of the items you should pack for your newborn before heading out the door.


Among the most important things you need to pack are diapers. There’s no need to bring the whole package, though. A good rule of thumb is to bring one diaper for every one or two hours that you will be out.

Baby Wipes

Wipes are essential for wiping baby bottoms, and even for cleaning hands, faces, and spills. If you have limited space, opt to purchase wipes that come in travel pack sizes.

Changing Pad

A changing pad is particularly handy for areas without any changing table available, because you definitely do not want to get caught without a clean place to change your baby’s diaper. Take note that many diaper bags come with coordinating changing pads.

Rash cream

In case of diaper rash, it is best to have a small tube or jar or diaper rash cream or petroleum jelly handy. These can be easily purchased at drugstores.

Extra clothing

In case of spit up or an extra messy diaper, bring at least one extra set of clothing—this includes socks and mittens. Also bring a jacket or sweater in case of a cooler climate or an air-conditioned room.

Burp cloths

In case of spit up or other spills, having one or two burp cloths in your diaper bag will come in very handy.


Depending on the time of the year, a light receiving blanket or a heavier blanket can be used to keep your baby warm, or to even keep the wind or sun off your little one if draped over the carrier or stroller.

Milk, bottles, etc.

Depending on whether your baby is breastfed or formula-fed, bring along whatever you need for when the baby gets hungry. This may include some clean bottles, formula, water, ice packs, or a nursing cover.


Sunscreen is a must for babies who will be outdoors. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen even during the winter.


If your baby is sick, make sure to bring any medication for colds or fever. Also have your pediatrician’s contact details on-hand in case of an emergency.

Disposable bag

A plastic or disposable bag is ideal for bringing dirty clothes home or placing dirty diapers in before throwing them into the garbage.

Toys and books

Bring along small and light rattles, teethers—and basically anything else that can be used to entertain a fussy baby. It’s also helpful to have your baby’s favorite blanket or stuffed toy around if he or she will be napping away from home.

What Should be in your Diaper Bag
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