Whether your toddler needs a routine visit or is sick, most of you have experienced the nightmare of crying, kicking and screaming at the doctor’s office. And it doesn’t help that you typically have to sit for extended amounts of time in the waiting room and then in the smaller private room – it allows plenty of time for your toddler to work themselves into a sizeable tantrum. Here are some tips on how to lessen the chance of doctor visit meltdowns…

Get your toddler a toy doctor’s kit, which often comes with a carrying case that holds items such as a stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, thermometer, syringe, ear, eye and mouth examining tool and even plastic glasses. In preparation, do a little pretend play with you toddler using a stuffed animal, baby doll or any toy that you guys can do a “check-up” on. You can also have your child pretend to examine you – checking your heartbeat, ears, mouth, blood pressure and even give you a shot! Then reverse and do a check-up on them. During the pretend play be sure to make it fun, unintimidating and explain the purpose of each tool.

Along with the kit, you can also try a book that has your child’s favorite character going to the doctor. Read it to them and point out all the steps that will also happen with their own doctor’s visit. Bring the doctor’s kit and book to the appointment. When the doctor is actually checking them, your toddler can even be holding their toy doctor “tools” to help them feel more comfortable and in control of the situation, as well as distracting them from what’s actually going on!

Help Your Toddler With Doctor Visits
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