It is always the wish of all pregnant women to have all items they see for their newborns. However, considering the economic situation in many countries of the world, buying all items that a newborn requires may be difficult for some parents. Nevertheless, there are basic must haves for newborns.

Highlighted here are top 10 must haves for newborns, but you can easily buy other items as you need them after the baby is born. You won’t get overwhelmed and overcrowded with things you cannot afford or don’t even need at all.


A newborn is wrapped in a blanket no sooner such a baby is born. Blankets offer a safe shelter of comfort and warmth that looks like the familiar womb environment. You need to buy at least four blankets like warm fleece, thicker and lightweight cotton receiving blankets.


Diaper is the first thing a newborn needs to be dressed in. however, the very first one won’t stay for long. Your newborn will require at least eight diapers a day or even more. you will also need wipes, even though plain water and cotton balls are recommended for cleaning a newborn baby for the first few weeks.


Clothes are also essential for newborns and they vary according to your climate. Hence, you will need more warm clothes that can be layered on like pants and sweaters, if you live in a cold area. In addition, make sure you have booties or socks to keep the feet of your baby warm, and cotton hats to keep the relatively bald newborn heads warm because most heat is lost through the head.

Car Seat

It is not possible for you to go anywhere without a car seat for your newborn. However, make sure that the seat is installed properly as it is very easy to install it wrongly. The safety of your baby depends on this car seat. Consequently, read reviews and research for highly rated car seats before buying one.


You need soft terry towel as a quick wrap to keep your naked newborn warm before being washed and to dry up water after being washed.


An attractive set of newborn-sized bibs is highly suggested for newborns. Bibs will make it easy to keep your baby clean as you are saving those adorable baby clothes from stains. Don’t forget that it is easier to replace a little bib than the whole outfit!

Finally, you can categorize or buy the top must haves that your newborn needs. Happiness, food, shelter, warmth and affection will follow naturally, once all newborns have all these essential items at their disposal.

Top 6 Must Haves for Newborns
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