For many parents, choosing a baby’s name can be a tricky and possibly even stressful experience. Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the right decision:

Say the name out lout—repeatedly

Your baby’s name is one you will be saying for the rest of your life. Say your favorite names loudly, then whispered softly. Say the name together with his or her middle name and last name. Does your child’s full name rhyme? Think about the different nicknames that may be associated with the name. Remember—kids on the playground can be cruel. Hearing and saying a child’s name repeatedly for a few days can help you make your decision.

Spell it out

Parents can be extremely creative when it comes to the spelling and pronunciation of their child’s name. Of course, this creativity isn’t always a good thing. Do you really want your child correcting others his or her entire life? Also make sure to check that your child’s initials don’t represent or spell anything embarrassing!

Don’t always go with what’s popular

While there’s nothing wrong with going with a name that’s on the top 10 most popular names for the year, consider the possibility that your child may have several classmates at school with the same name. If you choose a name similar to a famous TV or movie character, expect to be asked if this person influenced your choice of name.

Get the opinions of people who matter

Do you have one or two top contenders for a baby name? Share these names with one or two people you trust the most—apart from your spouse. Sometimes, approval of a loved one is all you need. Seeing the immediate and honest reaction of your sister or best friend may help you make a decision.

Take your time

Over the course of your pregnancy, friends and relatives will ask you repeatedly if you’ve decided on a name for your child. Don’t feel pressured to choose one early on. If you have several options in mind, then hold off on choosing a final name until you hold your baby in your arms.

Choosing Your Baby’s Name
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