Toddlers are curious, imaginative and wonderful growing creatures with great senses of an astonishing enthusiasm and funniness for life. If anything horrible happens, it is the way they are treated by the grown-ups around them. At times, this is as a result of simple misunderstanding of what can actually be anticipated from your toddler.

As a matter of fact, it can look as if the baby we knew yesterday is no relative to the toddler we see today, because brains of these toddlers are developing at alarming rate. This change is a blessing to some parents who were never really at ease with wholly dependent baby. However, this speedy development is daunting and even worrisome for most of us.

Tips for Handling Toddlers

Toddlers as mentioned earlier are curious, loving, joyful, inquisitive, fun, sweet and really special beings and they are ready to offer you blessings you can not afford to miss. You will rediscover the joy of toddlers, when you can relax into their world and don’t forget why you wanted to have them in the first place.

Highlighted below are tips for handling toddlers and strategies that will make them bring joy to each day that you get to spend with them.

  • Let your toddlers start exercise in their early stage of development to help them sleep better at all times. Go to the park with them in the mornings and allow them to do what they like best. This will help them eat better as well.
  • Be an understanding parent that gives toddlers unrestricted love and sense of safety. On the other hand, be as patient as you can, if you have a fearful toddler.
  • Endeavor to read books to your toddler each day. This will help to promote the love of learning and joy of discovery that toddlers possess naturally as well as set up great bonding time between the two of you.
  • Talking about eating… Never allow mealtimes turn into quarrels. How? Five times a day (of course, five!), feed your toddlers with a small, but balanced meal. That means some protein, veggies, fruits, grains (preferably whole grains) and some dairy.
  • It is quite possible to get toddlers cooperate, even though it can seem like trying to flock a group of reluctant cats. Offering toddlers a number of choices will make them cooperate with you as they love taking control and enjoying the power of making their own choices. For instance, DO NOT say Dear, can we head to the grocery store, if you want your toddler to sit down and put on his shoes so that you to head for the grocery store.

This approach will not work for the reason that you are actually asking a YES or NO question and your toddler may say NO because this is what toddlers do. Just tell him that you are going to the grocery store and it is time for him to put on his shoes. Do you want your tennis or sandals? This puts him in control while doing what you want him to do.

Rediscover the Joy of Parenting Toddlers
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