Temper tantrums are the last thing that most parents think of having to go through with their child. But, somehow you find yourself dealing with them on a regular basis. There are times when the tantrums become a bit out of control, and if you are out in public, you worry about the stares and ridicules from other people. You begin to question your parenting skills and whether you are cut out to be a parent. Rest assured you are not the only parent going through this exact thing. So, just what can you do? There are not many things that will ever prepare you for the mood change in your sweet little one, but there are several things that you can do and avoid when the tantrum starts.

Empathize with Your Child

Take your time to understand what your child is going through. Tantrums is actually a part of growing up, it is a developmental process. No, you will never completely understand what they are going through, but being the parent you know that it is all a part of your child growing up.

Discuss Tantrums with Child

If your child screams and yells for everything they want, it is important to sit down with them, and have a conversation about their behavior. Discuss in appropriate behavior, and let them know that sometimes the answer from you will be no. They need to know that it is not okay to yell and scream just because they want something. They however, should know that in case of an emergency, such as a fire, a small sibling climbing a cabinet, or if the child is being hurt or in danger. Give them a special code word to use in cases such as those.

Be Consistent With Your Rules. Avoid giving in to your little one’s tantrums. You can expect that they will yell, cry, and try to make you give them what they want, but it is important to stand firm. Know that your child is observing your every move. If you give in to their little demands, they will use the same approach each and every time, because they know it works for them.

Don’t Assume There is Something Wrong With Your Child

Stop worrying! There is nothing wrong with your little one. They are just like millions of other children, testing their parents, and going through a development period. As time goes on and they interact with other children their age the tantrums will subside. Children learn from other children and when they see other children being rewarded for good behavior, they will want the same.

Never Yell at Your Child

As much as you might want to yell and tell them to just be quiet, you should not do it. If it comes to you taking a time out, let the child know you need a time out. Leave the room and take a few minutes to calm down. Return and have a discussion with the child about their behavior.

Sure, tantrums are a bit hard to swallow, but it will get better. You just have to have patience and work with your child getting through their development process.

How to Deal With Your Child When They Are Having a Tantrum
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