There is the need for parents raising young children to put some boundaries and structure in place so that they could have enough time to devote to children, husband, business, and husband and still have a little time of their own.

Here’s how to go about Raising Young Children and Working at Home

Create a Support Network

Envelope yourself with those who are in the same condition with you and understand what it is like to be one of the parents raising young children and a business owner at the same time. Online networks like Twitter and Facebook are very good avenue to vent and seek advice when needed.

Set Yourself a Schedule

You can use your handwritten diary or Outlook calendar or some other medium to set a schedule for yourself. Map out periods for your business, housework, family and children and stick to it. However, there may be times when something urgent will warrant you altering the schedule, just do your best not to get distracted.

Set Available Hours

The fact that you are operating right from home doesn’t mean that you must be available all the time to your customers. Hence, maintain operating hours and make your clients know this on email signature, letterhead or your website.

Listen to Your Kids

Parents raising young children need to listen to their children all the time to understand their needs and meet such needs, in order for them to have a sense of belonging. If you have children who are pretty independent and happy to occupy themselves for hours, you may want to consider the following, depending on the ages of these children:

  • Design a chosen play area in your office where your children can play while you are working;
  • Kit out your office with crayons, pencils and papers, for your little one to make masterpieces while you work;
  • If you are working on something that requires deep concentration and you don’t have a friend or relative to babysit for you, take your children to an occasional child care facility around you.

While owning a business and raising young children is not an easy thing to do, all you need is to trust yourself and your abilities. However, these tips about how parents raising young children can balance raising young children with working at home will help you manage both your home and your work successfully.

How Parents Raising Young Children Can Balance Raising Young Children with Working at Home
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