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No one ever said, raising a child would be easy. If you are a first time mom, and were expecting a baby hand manual at hospital departure, then you probably were shocked when the nursing staff told you–there is no such thing. There is no need to worry by the time your second child comes along, you will have child rearing in the bag. So, just what do you do when the nurses hand over your bundle of joy and tell you it’s time to take your baby home? First, take a deep breath and say to yourself, you got this! You are going to be the best mom you can be.

No one is expecting you to be perfect. Even if all the mothers in your circle of friends appear as if they have everything under control, there are times when they just don’t. If you do not believe that, surprise them one day unannounced in the middle of the day. You just might get the ugly truth about what they are really going through. There is nothing like seeing a so called perfect mom running around out of control. Remember, take a deep breath, turn on your mommy radar and go with the flow. You are going to be just fine!

Baby and mommy naps are essential for you to stay healthy. When your little one goes down for a nap, you need to sleep as well. The first couple of months expect to be exhausted. Your body needs to repair itself from the trauma it has undergone during childbirth. Create a schedule if you already do not have one. First take note of when your baby eats, and how long their naps last. Create your schedule so that you can wake up at least an hour earlier than your baby. During this hour plan to get a little housework done, and prepare for when the baby awakens. Be sure to eat a healthy, balanced and nutritional meal. A healthy feeling mommy is the key to raising a healthy and happy little one.

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