While there are tons of fun outdoor activities for you and your toddler to do during the summer, sometimes it’s hard to keep the fun going indoors…and naps can only take up so much time.

Here are some creative, inexpensive ideas of how to stay out of the midday sun with its harmful UV rays and beat boredom at the same time!

Find a medium-sized plastic container such as a bucket, empty storage container or wash bin, fill it with water and set on a plastic table or tiled floor with an old towel underneath. Look through the house for waterproof toys such as a plastic teacup, animal bath toys, smaller plastic containers and use them to do water play with your toddler. For example, you can fill a toy teacup with water and pour into a smaller container until that one is full. Alternatively, you can fill the container with a little water and a small squirt of dish soap to have a “bubble bucket” where you can use the same waterproof toys. It’s also fun if you get one of those dollar store bubbles and wand sets to blow bubbles into and around the bucket!

Another fun activity is to build a makeshift indoor tent using materials from around the house.

For the “framework” you can set up two or three chairs near a table, sofa or similar large piece of furniture to form a square or rectangle. Next find some old sheets to put over the “framework”, pull the fabric taut and anchor the ends to the chair seats and other furniture with heavy books, book weights or similar. Once the tent is up you can bring in books, toys, snacks, etc. For pretend play, your toddler could be the prince or princess of the “castle” and you could be a dragon or a knight.

The possible uses for these indoor activities are endless…just use your imagination and have fun!

Creative Indoor Games for Toddlers to Beat Summer Heat
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