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If you are like most new parents, you probably have concerns about how to prepare baby formula correctly. Yes, there is a correct and wrong way to prepare and store formula. It is important for the safety of your little one that you learn to do it correctly. The preparation is not difficult, however, it is crucial that the correct ratio of water is mixed to the formula to ensure the right amount of nutrients are received. Since you little one does not have the immunity to fight germs, it is especially important to protect them from foodborne illnesses. Here is some important information that you should know and follow.

Check Expiration Dates

All baby formula has a use-by date on the can. Formula is analyzed and checked for the proper nutrients and safety by the manufacturer, per the U.S Food and Drug Administration requirements. It is so easy to grab the first bottle of formula on the shelf and keep moving, however, think about your baby’s safety and check the dates before moving on. If you purchase your items in bulk, you also want to go through each can to check the expiration date. Formula that is past the due date return it to the store for your money back or to do an exchange.

Store Formula at a Cool Temperature

It is important to store formula correctly. Temperatures that are too cold or too hot can cause the formula to expire or lose its nutrients. Keep unopened powered and liquid cans in a cool place.

Do not store cans near an oven, stove or anything that is putting out heat. The best storage temperature is between 55 and 75 degrees F. Do not store in temperatures that are 95 or above, or 32 degrees and below. Never allow the cans to sit where there is direct sunlight contact. Once a can is open it needs to be used by following the directions on the can. Proper storage for unused portions of formula are on the can as well. Avoid storing powdered formula in the refrigerator or other damp areas to avoid humidity.

Wash/Dry Can Formula

Wash and dry the top of liquid can formula before using. There are all types of germs that are living and breeding on top of the cans. Use warm water and little mild baby soap to clean the cans. Make sure they are wiped, and dried before opening and pouring the formula out. Be sure that the bottles and nipples have been cleaned and sterilized properly as well.

Use Safe/Clean Water

Be sure that the water you are using is safe and clean. Depending on your doctor, and local health department recommendations, you might be able to use tap water. Most people prefer to boil their water before using it for formula. Whatever, you decide to use make sure that it is safe for your little one first. Always run tap water about two minutes before filling the boiling pot; this will reduce contaminants or lead particles being transferred into the water.


Your baby is important to you. It is normal to want to do everything possible to give them a happy and healthy life. It is important to follow the proper procedures when preparing their formula bottles to keep their little tummies safe and full. You and you baby will be happy that you did!

Preparing to Use Baby Formula for Your Newborn
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