Whether you are new mother or an experienced mother who have been nursing babies for quite a while, there is need to stay away from low iron baby formulas. Parents, particularly the new ones are always concerned about their babies and what they need to do to meet the needs of their new borns. They often become worried about the nutrition of their babies, after being absolutely happy and wonder whether they are feeding their little one just the right way.

The highlighted tips discussed below will help determine whether you are doing your best to feed your baby correctly, and whether it is right or not to feed your baby with low iron baby formula or high iron baby formula.

Always remember the fact that the AAP suggests that you breast feed your baby for the first six months before you choose to feed your baby on formula. However, if you want to use a baby formula for your baby, make sure it is the iron fortified one, according to the instructions of your doctor. Standard infant formulas contain the right amount of iron and not any additional iron. Low iron baby formula on the other hand puts babies at risk of having iron deficiency and for this reason; parents should stay away from this choice.

A lot of parents who experience baby stomach problems believe that the cause is the baby formula. The solution is not to go and get low iron baby formula in the course of struggling to find the right formula for your baby. Iron deficiency baby formulas can cause many health complications for a baby.

An old wives adage says that iron rich baby formula causes constipation. Mothers on the other hand believe that their babies will have a tough time with the iron supplements, because they too had such a hard time with the iron supplements. This is a wrong notion that is far from the truth.

According to research, babies need approximately 1 mg of iron per every kilogram of weight. Therefore, they don’t get this required iron, when they go on low iron baby formulas. Babies necessitate iron for the development of their brain, and a lack of iron it in their developing stages has long lasting effects.

Children are sensitive in nature and must be treated with utmost care and caution. If you are confused about the baby formula to choose from the numerous baby formulas available, consult your doctor or pediatrician for help. However, make sure you avoid baby formulas with low iron.

Why You Should Stay Away From Low Iron Baby Formulas
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