Mother and Newborn Baby

Infant are innocent, pure, adorable and that cute human being between the ages of birth and 2 years. This period is very critical and the most important need at this particular stage is not just shelter, clothing, food, water and air, which of course are completely imperative. The sense of security and trust the infant develops is also of marvelous importance.

This particular sense of trust comes about because parents of these infants are responsive to their basic needs of comfort and hunger. The infant is just about absolutely helpless by not being able to communicate its need or even move on its own. The only way to of express a need or a want is by crying.

Highlighted below are ways by which parents can build a sense of security and trust in infants

Feed the Infant

Try as much as possible to feed infants whenever they are hungry. In general, infants will cry when they are hungry and the first response to a crying infant would be feeding.

Change Their Diapers

Replace diapers of an infant as soon as it is soiled because you wouldn’t like your infant to stay in soiled clothes. During changing, talk to the infant in a sing song voice, be happy, smiling or even sing.

Establish a Reliable Schedule of Some Activities

Try as much as possible to institute a reliable schedule of some activities. For instance, if the infant is always awake and alert at 9 am, this might probably be a good time to be with him and sing, read big colorful picture books out loud, sing to the infant.

Hold the Infant Frequently

Purr or sing as you are holding the infant and move while holding the infant. Hold the infant very close to your chest and allow him to feel your heartbeat. You can also massage your infant to feel the affection that you lover him.

The mother is the most important personality in the life of an infant. Perceiving, eating and sleeping are the major activities of all infants. The above tips will help you build a sense of security and trust in infants.

How to Build a Sense of Security and Trust in Infants
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