The best way to get children healthy by mothers raising young children is for them to lead by example. In other words, reveal to them and also tell them why it is important to eat healthy food and exercise their bodies for endurance and strength. Mothers raising young children should also make healthy lifestyle fun and appealing, rather than complaining about exercises and diets, that people don ‘t want hear about.

Discussed here are 5 ways mothers raising young children can raise fit and healthy children.

1. Be a great role model

Mothers raising young children can be great role models by getting excited about feeling and looking great and also by sharing that enthusiasm with the children in their different lives. Complaining and grumbling about hating exercise and having to eat a particular type of food teaches children they should feel the same, which eventually becomes negative.

2. Teach children to eat for purpose

It is too theoretical for mothers raising young children to tell them to eat and exercise to be healthy. All you need to do to achieve success is to ask them what they love most and what they really intend to accomplish. Let them know how eating certain foods will help them to be more confident, stronger, faster and smarter, when they inform you that they love being with friends, solve math equations, dance or play basketball.

Give young children sound education concerning the way sedentary lifestyle and poor foods will hurt them and give them real life examples.

3. Teach them about food labels and serving sizes

Educate your young children to read food labels to make sure that they are less likely to overeat. This will also teach them to make choices about how much food is sufficient on their own. Tell them to identify ingredients they need to keep away from, including preservatives, artificial sweeteners, trans fats, artificial colors and additives as well as refined sugars. Also teach them to take the serving size out of the package and then put the package away.

4. Involve them in decision making

Mothers raising young children must involve these children in decision making by asking them the type of foods they want and what they prefer doing, when planning family activities or making grocery list. Direct them toward healthier options to cookies and chips as well as real life adventures to substitute video games and TV, depending on the way they answer.

Always give children a choice but make sure these choices are in line with good health. This will give them sense of belonging and make them know that they are part of the decision making and part of living a healthy lifestyle.

5. Let them help in designing a fitness program or cook

Mothers raising young children need to get over the stress of a messy kitchen and allow children to assist in preparing meals. They love getting their hands into ingredients and it is a chance to teach them nutrition. Let them be involved in making grocery lists and meals decisions as you guide them on healthy foods.

In addition, allow them plan the physical activities they want to perform such as pushup contests and obstacle courses.

These are best ways mothers raising young children can raise healthy and fit children. This is therefore an opportunity for mothers to become empowered and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Keep it fun, make it about these children and enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

Ways to Raise Fit and Healthy Children
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