Before a baby takes his or her first steps, many parents wonder whether or not they should buy a walker for their little one.

Numerous health professionals and safety experts strongly discourage the use of baby walkers due to the number of injuries and accidents they could potentially cause. In fact, the sale of walkers is banned in Canada. The American Academy of Pediatrics also recommends against the use of walkers.


One of the major reasons that parents purchase walkers is to help teach their babies how to walk. However, studies show that excessive use of a walker may possibly delay a child’s muscle control and also result in unusual movement patterns. This is because walkers move babies around before they are actually physically ready for it.

Many parents also feel that walkers keep their children occupied, thus allowing them to leave their little ones unattended for short periods of time. The reality is that even more care and attention is needed when the baby is placed in a walker. After all, they are able to travel quicker in a walker as compared to crawling on the floor. Since walkers give them extra height and extra speed, these babies are more capable of reaching for objects that may have previously been safely out of reach, and are more likely to bump into furniture or even fall down the stairs.

If you still prefer to purchase a baby walker, ensure that you do your research and get one that complies with safety standards and that you watch your baby closely at all times while in the walker.

Should My Baby Use a Walker?
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