It is time to start your little one on finger food and you are worried about everything that could go wrong. For starters, you are concerned whether your little one will be eating enough, and what happens if they get choked, not to mention, is it really safe to allow them to have real food? First thing that you should do is relax, nearly all parents have these concerns about their children.

Foods to Avoid When Starting Baby on Finger Foods

Avoid large chunks

Start your little one out on food that is smaller than pea size. Even if you are feeding them vegetables such as carrots and green beans, you want to dice them up. Fruits can be diced as well, and if you are given your child meat of any kind, it should be shredded into very small pieces.

Never give small children hard candy, cough drops, nuts or popcorn

These are foods that are common choking foods in young children. Seeds in popcorn can get stuck in the child’s airway and cause an infection. It is best to stick to soft healthy foods for your little one. Remember, you child can only eat and get the foods that you bring in the home.

No Sticky Foods

Gummy worms, chewing gum, or even marshmallows are not good for your children. The foods can become stuck in their throat. Even children with plenty of teeth have been known to choke on these items.

Peanut Butter

Be very cautious with peanut butter. There are some children who are extremely allergic to peanuts, so watch your child closely when trying the food with them. Also, peanut butter is one of those sticky foods. It might be a good idea to spread it on crackers or a thin layer on other foods they are eating to make it go down better.

Choking Prevention
  • Avoid giving your child food while in their car seat. Children should be sitting upright at all times when eating.
  • Watch children closely when trying new finger foods to make sure they are capable of handling the texture. Sometimes different textures of food will cause them to gag, making the food go down the throat the wrong way.
  • If you are using a numbing gel on the gums of the child, watch them closely while they are eating. The gel can cause the throat and mouth area to be numb, making it difficult for the child to chew their food and swallow properly. It is best to wait at least 30 minutes before feeding a child after giving numbing gel.

By the time your little one turns three he/she will have eating down pack. You will not have to worry as much about them choking. Most of them by this age just might be able to out eat you. However, that just means they have a healthy appetite. However, if you have any concerns about your child’s eating habits be sure to discuss them with your child’s health care provider.

The Best Foods and Foods to Avoid for Eating Beginners
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