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So, it is time for your baby to start eating baby food, like most parents you rush out and purchase all the foods that you think they will enjoy. But, that just might not be the best move to make, not just yet anyway. Remember, your little one is still new to the world, and their little tummies might not be ready for all the delicious foods available to them. It has only been formula for since they were born. It is a good idea to start your little one on one food at a time. Your baby is not ready for variety, not quite yet anyway.

Baby Cereal

Start with baby cereal first. The cereal is a fortified hot cereal which is a great source for vitamins and iron. It will also supply a good amount of calories for your little one, since you will be mixing it with the type of milk/formula your little one drinks. Start your baby with a spoon or two full twice a day to help get them used to eating solid food. Do not put cereal in the little one’s bottle. It is important for them to learn how to use their mouth for solid foods.

Vegetable Baby Food

Vegetable baby food should be next to try on the list. If you hold off the taste on sweet foods such as from fruits, the baby will most likely eat foods such as green beans, peas, and carrots. Vegetables should be offered around lunch time. You can also make it a part of their dinner.

Allergies & Baby Food

It is important to wait at least five days before introducing your little one new foods. You might notice red checks or small blotches on the skin. This might be a sign of food allergy. However, it is important to check with your child’s pediatrician to make sure that it is not something else serious.

Fruity Baby Foods

Fruit should be tried only after vegetables. Most babies tend to fall in love with the sweet taste of fruits. Fruit is a good source of nutrition as well, so you do not have to worry your little one will still be getting the vitamins and nutrients they need. Fruit can also be given at lunch or dinner. As your little one gets older they most likely will be able to have a vegetable and fruit at meal times. Just be sure to always offer the vegetable first.

Positioning Your Baby at Feeding Time

Always have your baby sitting up in an upright position when attempting baby food. Use a small spoon that is made especially for babies. These can be purchase in your local department and even in some grocery stores. If your baby is old enough, and can sit up on their own, it might be time to put them in a high chair where you can have direct eye contact while feeding the baby. You want to be able to watch your little one enjoy every bite.

Preparing Your Little One for Baby Food
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