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Now that you have made it through pregnancy and birth and you believed that you understood all you needed to understand about your newborn, but there are still some unusual things you still need to understand about newborns. You are not alone if you notice something about your newborn or little one. All you need to do is to go through this guide which highlighted some of the strange things you never understand about newborns.


You are probably seeing diarrhea, is the poo of your newborn is explosive, very runny, explosive and of a larger amount than normal. Diarrhea is very common in formula-fed babies than breastfed babies because breast milk from the mother prevents the growth of diarrhea causing bacteria. Diarrhea in formula-fed babies could be caused by a reaction to a new baby formula or infection from poor sterilization of bottles.

Irregular breathing and noises when sleeping

Babies are disreputably noisy sleepers while irregular breathing and weird noises are part of the experience, when it comes to newborns and generally on cause for alarm. As a matter of fact, the normal breathing rate of a newborn is around 40 breaths a minute while awake, which may reduce by 50 percent once they are asleep.

They may as well pick up the tempo, taking shallow, fast breaths for 15 to 20 seconds followed by a complete hiatus that make them stop breathing completely! This can make even the most calm and collected parent freak out totally but it is just absolutely normal and only due to their yet immature breathing control.

Being cross-eyed

Newborns are generally cross-eyed after birth or at least they can look that way. Their eyes first make effort to work in unison, just like the rest of them with their uncoordinated and flailing arms and legs! This is nothing to worry about as it will definitely resolve itself by the time they attain three months.

Newborns should be able to follow objects with the two eyes by four months. However, if you are worried that the eye development of your baby is not quite right, discuss with your GP.

Spots on the face of Newborns

You might observe some tiny white spots on the face of your newborn. These spots are referred to as milia or milk spots, which are caused by the developing sweat glands of your baby. They are totally harmless and will fade away over the first few weeks.

Peeling or flaking skin

The skins of newborns are covered with vernix – a waxy coating at birth. You may observe that the skins of newborns start to peel or even crack, particularly on the wrists or ankles, the skin dries out as this comes off. This is completely normal and not a sign of dry skin. Therefore, don’t go about applying oils or lotions. The peeling will stop all by itself in the first few weeks.

These are just few of the unusual things you need to know about newborns. It is quite imperative to understand these things so that you will not give yourself unnecessary worry anytime you notice any of them on your newborn.

5 Unusual Things You Need to Know about Newborns
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