Infants are needful newborns who require adequate care from their caregivers or parents. They need a lot of attention because they are small and helpless. Providing the care infants need by their parents seem difficult sometimes. However, once you understand the basic needs of infants and how to provide for them, it gets easier.

Discussed below are 4 simple ways to care for infants

Care for the Umbilical cords of Infants

Cleaning and care of the umbilical cords of infants is of great importance and must not be taken with levity hand. Hence, make sure you use a cotton swab to clean the umbilical cord each time you change the diaper of your infant. Make sure to watch for unusual discharge or blood in the umbilical cord area, when you are cleaning it as this may mean a tear or an infection. In addition, be very careful not to pull or tug on the umbilical cord.

Eating is the Favorite way to Spend Awake Time by Infants

Infants or newborns spend the time they are awake eating. They grow very fast and have a need to take baby formula or breast milk, to sustain and support that growth. Parents should therefore decide whether to give baby formula or breast milk to infants, even before the arrival of newborns. If you need help about feeding your infant, make sure that you ask a lactation consultant or nursing staff

Change the Diapers of Infants When Dirty

Another way to care for your infant is to change his diaper when it is wet or dirty. Diaper getting dirty is an indication that your infant is receiving enough baby formula and nutrients. Each newborn should have approximately 8-10 wet or dirty diapers a day for the first six weeks of life. However, this will reduce to 4 to 6 wet diapers a day, after about six to eight weeks. Therefore, make sure you buy sufficient diapers before the arrival of your newborn.

Sleep is important for infants

Infants should have at least 16 hours sleep per day, but they sleep in spurts on regular basis. Don’t get discouraged with your infants as they won’t sleep, due to one reason or another. Nearly all infants need to be fed every 2-4 hours due to their small stomachs. On the other hand, dirty diapers and uncomfortable wetness can also wake an infant.

4 Easy Ways to Care for Infants
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