Your sweet little baby has not been in the best mood lately, actually the little one might have been rather cranky. You might be wondering if this is the sign of the first pearly white about to make its first appearance. Most infants start teething around 6 months, however some have been known to get their little ‘choppers’ a couple of months earlier. There are things that you can do that once you know your baby is indeed teething. Your baby will need all the love they can get during this painful little time in their life. There are other methods that can be utilize as well to help baby feel a bit more comfortable.

Massaging the Gums

A gentle massage on the gums can help baby tremendously. Mom or dad can take a clean finger and rub the area were the gum is swollen and tender. Your baby will actually show you what to do because they will begin chomping down on your finger to help the area. The more teeth your child gets the less you will probably want to use this method.

Teething Ring

Purchase a teething ring for your little one and keep in chilled in the fridge. The teething rings are usually inexpensive and comes in a variety of different colors. They are safe, however be sure to clean them before putting back in the fridge.

Cold Foods/Spoon

A cold spoon and food can be quite soothing to a baby on some teething days. Maybe have their favorite fruit or veggie chilled and waiting for them. Who does not like a little treat when they are feeling bad? Plus the coldness of the spoon and food can soothe the gum area.

OTC Medications

Ask your child’s pediatrician about given your little one acetaminophen. Some parents do not like giving mediation, however for those who do, acetaminophen is recommended for early teething. As your child grows older your pediatrician might prefer ibuprofen. If you do decide to give your little one medication always read the label and use the syringe that comes in the package.

Teething Jewelry for Mom

Moms can now purchase specially designed teething jewelry to wear for their little one. You know babies will grab the first thing in sight to chew on during this time. The jewelry has been designed for moms to wear and is FDA-approved. It is silicone which is free of anything toxic, BPA, phthalates, or anything else that could harm your little one. It is made out the same material as other teething toys. It is available also in a variety of colors.

Baby Teething Gel

You definitely will want to have some Baby Orajel to help out. Available on the market now is Baby Orajel Naturals which for many parents is the perfect alternate version to the original gel. It is most preferred by many because of its natural ingredients as oppose too the one which contained benzocaine. Now the active ingredient in Baby Orajel Naturals is eugenol. If not sure whether or not to use a type of soothing gel, ask your pediatrician what they recommend.

6 Tips to Help You and Baby Get through the Teething Crisis
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