As funny as it sounds, buying a baby stroller is in many ways comparable to buying a car. With so many features and models to choose from, a parent needs to take so many different factors into consideration before making the big decision.

Are you shopping around for a set of wheels for your baby? Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Take your lifestyle into consideration

Think about when and where you foresee using your stroller the most. Will you be pushing the stroller around the neighborhood or will you be spending more time pushing the stroller around the mall? Some strollers travel well on concrete, while others are better suited for indoor use.

Remember that size matters

One of the biggest mistakes parents make when shopping for strollers is forgetting to take its size into consideration. Find a stroller that fits easily in your family vehicle. For the most part, strollers will be folded up and placed in the trunk of your car. Select a stroller that can be easily transported—and a stroller that will still leave you space in your trunk for bags, groceries, and other belongings.

Look at the details

Think about your needs and the little details that may make your life easier. Do you absolutely need a cup holder? What about a large basket to store your purse and diaper bag? Does the stroller have a canopy to protect your baby from both sun and rain? Of course, note that many little stroller add-ons can be customized or purchased separately.

Take it for a spin

It’s extremely important to test out a number of strollers before making a decision. Visit stores in person and don’t hesitate to try opening, pushing, folding, and carrying various models—with just one hand.

Stick to your budget

Babies can be expensive, but the good news is that there are strollers available to suit pretty much any budget. Identifying a budget early on may help narrow the selection. Feel free to splurge on the latest stroller model if you have the cash to spare. If you’re working with a budget, however, take a little more time on searching for the stroller with the right price tag. You may even want to do a stroller road test at the mall then search for a good deal on the same stroller online.

5 Tips on Buying a Stroller for Baby
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