All babies need iron to help their bodies grow healthy and brain develop correctly. No matter how old you are, the body needs iron, and this is definitely true for infants. Newborns need iron to make hemoglobin in their body, which is a part of healthy red blood cells. If babies do not receive iron in their diet then there is a possibility their body will not develop properly. The infant can then suffer with issues such as behavioral and neurological problems. Iron is a very big part of a baby’s developing process; it is needed to ensure they grow into a healthy young child. The best thing to do is keep your baby on an iron-fortified formula until your pediatrician tells you it is alright to try them with something new.

Iron-Fortified Formula

Although, many babies are born with iron in their bodies, there are those who are born prematurely and will need iron fortified formula, and iron vitamins until their body receives enough of the nutrient. Iron is one of the most common deficiencies within the United Sates. It is the high reason that many young children suffer with the condition anemia. Iron fortified formula can be purchased in most drug, department and baby stores. However, you want to make sure your child’s pediatrician recommends it first.

Infants Who Need Iron-Fortified Formula

Infants who were born prematurely stores iron usually during the last months of pregnancy. These babies often need help with bringing up their iron levels. Also, babies who were born with a low birth weight. Not just premature babies have low birth weight, there are many babies who are carried to full-term who are born with low birth weight. If mothers did not follow a proper nutrition during their pregnancy, or suffer from diabetes, or gestational diabetes, might have babies who will need the extra iron in their diet as well. A baby’s pediatrician will be able to make the call as to what types of extra nutrients the baby will need in their diet.

Iron Formula and Constipation

Regardless of what most people think, formula with iron in it does not always cause constipation. There are some brands that are very easy to absorb, such as Parent’s Choice. Many people thought that iron fortified formula was linked to problems such as colic, vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. However, studies have been done and found that iron-fortified formula did not link to any of these condition no more than regular formula. It is important to not just switch to a low iron formula because you think your child’s behavior might be related. It is best to call and speak with your pediatrician before making this decision.

The Benefits of Using Iron-Fortified Formula for Your Newborn
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