You are responsible for a new little life now and you thought it would be easy, but when your baby begins to cry you feel clues. There is no need to worry, as a first time parent it takes a bit of getting used to having a new little baby around depending on you for everything. Although, you love and want to protect your child that goes without say, you want to know how to get them to stop crying and sleep a bit more. It is natural to feel this way also. Well, here are a few suggestions that might make being a parent for the first time a bit easier. All babies cry, however they cry for various reasons, and now it is your responsibility to find out why yours is crying.


It could be that your little one is hungry. Look for signs such as smacking the lips, it might even appear that they are trying to suck air, fussy, head moving from side to side trying to find a bottle from your hands when you touch them. You might even notice them putting their fingers in their mouth and sucking on them.

Dirty Diaper

Yes, your baby is crying because they have a dirty diaper. However, not all babies cry at the first sign of a dirty diaper. Some will sit for a while, regardless they still need to be changed at the first knowledge of a wet diaper.

Nap Time

Your little one might be tired and need a nap. Babies who become overstimulated by people visiting and wanting to hold them can become irritated quickly. Many parents like to give their baby a lukewarm bath with chamomile to soothe them. It works for some babies, but for others it might just be in them to make a fuss before sleep.

Just Want to Be Held

Who doesn’t want to be held at times? Your baby is no different. Hold baby, cuddle spend time and let them hear your voice. They just want to feel safe and secure. You can also try wrapping your baby in a receiving blanket and hold them close to you. You can also try singing a lullaby to calm them down.

Stomach Troubles

Babies suffer with gas, colic and so many other things. If you notice that your little one cries in pain after feedings, it is most likely gas. However, consult your pediatrician to make sure. There are anti-gas drops available on the market. Many parents have had positive results with them. However, be sure to ask your pediatrician about them first.

Needs to Burp after Feedings

If your baby is crying a lot and they have been changed, and you have just finished feeding them.

It could be that they need burping. A good burp is sometimes all a baby needs to drift off to sleep. Babies swallow a lot of air when they are sucking from a bottle or breastfeeding. If the air is not released it causes discomfort. Just think of how much better you feel sometimes after having a good bur; it is the same for babies.

6 Reasons Why Your Baby is Fussy
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