Is your infant keeping you up at nights and exhausted during the days with non-stop crying from colic? Don’t worry, many of us have been there, and it will end…eventually! But in the meantime, so you don’t go crazy, here are some ideas that might help…

For some infants, homeopathic treatments that help ease colic work wonders – there are dissolvable tablets and liquid drops. If that doesn’t seem to make a difference, then you can try approaching it from the milk/formula angle. You can buy a formula that’s specifically made to help ease colic…or if you breastfeed, you can try some changes in your diet. In general, doctors say to avoid foods that commonly cause allergies, such as wheat, eggs, cow’s milk, tree nuts, peanuts, soy and fish. I’ve also heard that it might help to eliminate foods that cause gas in your own body, such as broccoli, sundried tomatoes, high-fat snacks, etc.

If none of these seem to work, you can try the “bounce” treatment. I did this one a lot and it actually worked sometimes. Even if it doesn’t help your baby, it’s a seriously good workout for us moms! It works best if you sit on a medium or large yoga ball holding your infant securely against your body and bouncing up and down – back straight, feet on the floor. But you can also simply sit on a cushy couch and bounce or walk around bouncing your body up and down as you hold your little one against your body. The reasoning behind this is that the motion can get the gas moving along in your baby’s body and relieve the pain.

Whichever method works or doesn’t work for your baby’s colic, none of them can hurt, so it’s worth a try!

What to do About Colic in Infants
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