Being a new parent can be a lot of fun, but it can also present its challenges as well. One of the biggest challenges that most parents face is how to travel with their little one. Many parents avoid long trips because they do not know exactly how to prepare themselves for a road trip with their baby. Following a few simple tips will have you and your baby traveling in no time.

Make a list of Baby Items Needed to Travel with You

If taking a long trip it is possible you will need to carry along big items to keep your little one safe. It might be necessary to take items such as crib, baby bop, crib sheet, diaper bag, and stroller, these are some item that parents forget all the time. Create a check off list so you will know what needs to go.

Pack Diaper Bags the Night Before

There is no way around it. You have to pack your little one’s supply bag the night before you leave. Be sure to include diapers, wipes, change of clothes, special toy, bottles and anything else you can think of packing. If your little one is using powdered formula, go ahead and put that in the bag as well. However, if your little one is using formula that needs to be refrigerated wait until the morning to grab it. Packing the night before will help you save time the following morning.

Take Baby Medicine/Prescription Medicine

Always make sure you have enough baby medicine with you while traveling. If your little one is taking a special antibiotic be sure it is packed properly. Some medications should be kept in a cool place. Baby Tylenol, teething gel, or any type items used to sooth baby is important to have during your travel. If you are low on a certain type of prescription medication be sure to call ahead to have it refilled for your travel.

One Parent/Adult Rides in Backseat with Baby

Trade places sitting in the backseat with the little one. If both parents will be driving the distance, at each rest stop trade places. It is easy to attend to the baby’s needs with someone always riding in the back with them. Most little one enjoy looking out the back window. However, some become frustrated quickly when they cannot see a familiar face. It also helps keep drivers from becoming distracted when a little one begins to scream and cry.

Take Pit Stops along the Way

Long Distance trips can be hard on everyone. Stop along the way and give baby a chance to get out of their car seat to be held and loved on. You little one will want to stretch their legs and most likely need their diaper changed along the way. It is a good idea to schedule your pit stops around their diaper changers.

Traveling with your little one does not have to be difficult. It just takes a bit of planning and preparing in advance. Hopefully, following these tips will help make your trip go a lot smoother while traveling with your little one.

5 Tips That Make Traveling with a Small Child Easy
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