Sleeping Baby

Getting a little one to sleep might be a challenge in the beginning, however, once they are on a routine the better they will sleep. You will also be able to get a better nights rest as well. The important thing to remember is that as your little one grow their sleeping habits will change. In the beginning when they are newborns they are most likely to sleep longer, however that will soon change. Most children struggle during naptime, so that is to be expected.

Bed Routines Should be Kept Short

Do not spend a significant amount of time trying to get your little one to settle down. Go through your normal routine to get them ready for bed. Put them down and leave the room. It will be a bit difficult in the beginning because you will want to run in every time they make a noise, however, they need to learn their nap routine.

Body Rocking and Head Banging

Be prepared for crib rocking, body bumping, rolling around, and all other sorts of movements that your little one can muster around to do. It is common for babies to have this rhythmic behavior. It helps them settle themselves down so that they can fall asleep. However, to keep your little one safe here are a few suggestions for you to try:

  • Move the baby’s bed away from the wall. It will reduce the noise if they are constantly pushing it up against the wall.
  • Use rubber carpet protectors underneath the crib’s legs. Protectors will keep the crib from traveling across the room.
  • Put thick carpeting underneath the crib. You want to cut down on the noise and movement as much as you possible.
  • Avoid going in several times to check on your child. Your presence will keep them up, and they will wait and anticipate on your next visit.

Dealing with Nightmares

Many children suffer with nightmares. Although they might not be able to tell you exactly what they are dreaming, you know that is what is going on with them. It is a good idea to discuss nightmares with your child’s pediatrician to find out how to handle the situation. Each child and situation is different, so someone who knows your child as you and the pediatrician will be able to make the call about what needs to be done.

Reducing Separation Anxiety

For little children who are used to sharing a bed with you, it might be difficult to get them to go to their bed. It is a good idea to slowly build your little one up to moving in their own room. You can start by placing a mattress or small toddler bed in your room, and practicing moving it closer out your room. Give the child a reward each time they move closer toward their room. They receive the big reward once they remain in their room for a certain period of time.

Helping Your Little One to Get a Good Nights Sleep
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