Parents these days are trying their best to provide kids with the upmost nutritious meals and vitamins that can help support children’s well-being which also includes being able to think like an intelligent kid, every parent’s wish. Most believe that this could be of genetic roots, like how having smart parents would be equivalent to having smart kids. This does not always happen in every case. It all depends on the child’s environment, the kind of food being consumed, the role model in front of the child every day (could be parents or guardians) and the scene the child participates in every day.

Parents are always eager to find out what is best for their children and what they can do to raise a child of intelligence. The fact that the desire of the child to explore what is around him and how he should react to things, Babies tend to self-correct in the process of examining the environment around them. They apply fluid intelligence to obtain information. This is obviously not teachable by any parent! The first factor would be the environment. When a baby or a toddler, is place on a couch in front of a television, parents should let them watch educational shows. Educational shows are very important that it allows kids to always think, to respond to what they see on the television, which involves a little bit of interacting, and you can always see the toddler’s reaction, a smile, a laughter or a finger pointing at the screen trying to tell you what they have seen. This is when babies/toddlers are learning.

Researchers have confirmed that verbal communication actually helps increase children’s intelligence, this includes babies! Nurture your kids about what is right or wrong. You may think that they don’t understand certain things that you say, but believe me, that constant verbal communication really helps, in fact, it will slowly allow a baby’s brain to develop a comprehending function and obviously, certain responses mean that they understand what you are saying.

Therefore, communication is crucial. Secondly, the importance of the nutrition consumed which provides support for your child’s well-being and brain function. Consuming sufficient omega-3 can really help increase the growing child’s intelligence. Feeding your babies or toddlers with fish oil which contains omega-3 can really help! Thirdly, the importance of what role, the model is playing in front of the child. It has been psychologically proven, that kids learn from their role models and act the same way their role models do! It is important that parents act as good examples for their kids.

Lastly, the scene the child participates in, every day. This refers to the happenings around the child. Parents have a job to always make sure they are in a safe environment and what they ‘watch’ in front of them is a healthy activity. You do not want your child to be watching a group of adults gambling or drinking! Such is an example.

How to Build Your Child’s Intelligence
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