The time has come for you to potty train your little one. Just where did the time go between giving birth and teaching this next phase in their life? So, you read a few books and listen to the advice of other parents, but nothing seems to be quite working out the way you had anticipated. Here are a few tips that might help get your little one understanding the concept of going to the potty, and making it there in time.

Be Patient

Make sure your child is mature enough to understand what it means to go to the potty. Some children begin to understand the concept between the ages of 2 and 3. While for others it might take a bit longer. Regardless of how long it takes, your child will eventually learn how to use the potty. Most importantly, your child has to be ready mentally and physically to use the potty.

Create a Schedule

If your child is indeed ready to be potty trained, create a schedule to take them to the potty, and stick to it. However, allow your child to have a bit of independence on when they want to go to the potty as well. Even if they do not have to go, allow them to just sit there.

Give Praises/Rewards

Every time your child does go in the potty, give them praises. You can also encourage the behavior by awarding them with stickers for doing such a great job. Always speak in a positive tone, and do not criticize your child if unable to go to the potty. Make going to the potty fun for your little one. You want it to be an enjoyable experience for them.

Use Simple Words when Referring to the Potty

Words like poop, bm, and pee-pee are all acceptable terms for children learning to potty. Avoid using words that sound negative, or making facial expressions that could make the little one think they are doing something wrong.

Avoid Pressuring Your Little One

Allow your child to get up from the potty when they think they are done. Yes, even if the potty is empty. Avoid pressuring them to sit until something comes out. You do not want your little one to feel as if it is a chore.

Purchase Pull-Ups for Easy Potty Training

Be sure to put your little one in pull-ups while training them to go to the potty. It is important for them to have something on that is easy to pull down when trying to make it to the potty.

Use a Small Portable Potty

Consider purchasing a small potty for your little one. Keep the potty next to the big potty in the bathroom. Do not be surprised if while you are in the bathroom your little one comes in and have a seat right next to you.

Yes, potty training can be a time-consuming task, and at times a bit hair pulling as well. However, nothing is more rewarding than seeing your little one make their first pee-pee or poopy in their very own potty.

7 Tips to Potty Training Your Little One
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