The teething stage of the baby is one of the most difficult stages for the mother and the child in the same time. The child would be very annoyed, he would cry frequently and there will be an increase of his temperature, lack of sleep and a lot of symptoms that would worry the mother and the whole family. That’s why we are going to let you know everything about the teething stage and how to deal with it properly and safely.

What is teething?

Teething is when the child’s teeth start appearing for the first time few months after his birth. That’s when the teeth come out of the gums.

When does teething start?

Teething begins when the child reaches the age of almost six months, but it is very natural that the teeth may appear before six months or after, so it is possible for the teeth to appear in the period of age from three months to twelve months, and when the age of your child is up to three years, the growth of his milk teeth should be completed.

Teething symptoms

The teething is accompanied by some symptoms that appear on the child, the most important one is the congestion and the swelling of the gums 3 to 5 days before the appearance of the tooth. When the tooth penetrates the gums and appears these symptoms disappear.

Other important symptoms

  1. Drooling heavily
  2. Gum irritation
  3. The child tries to chew everything he reaches
  4. Rubbing the face frequently
  5. Difficulty in sleeping
How can you help your child during teething?

Make sure to clean your finger well and then put it inside the baby’s mouth so he can bite it with his gum or simply bring him a Teether so the baby can chew it with his gum. Some children feel comfortable with that even though they may initially reject it

Do not leave anything in front of your child and make sure the cleanliness of each tool or game in the reach of your baby’s hands because it is certain that he will put inside his mouth anything in his hand so you can bring him more than a Teether with different forms and colors and leave them in front of him

After consulting your doctor, you can give your child some special painkillers, you should not give him any medication on your own, and do not give him aspirin because it is harmful for his health

When to worry if the child did not begin to grow teeth?

Some children are late in teething comparing to the natural age of teething which is between the ages of 4 to 7 months, the ideal period for the teeth’s appearance, but you child’s teeth may not appear at this time and you here should check the growth of bones, skin and hair of your child. If everything is natural do not worry, but if your child has reached the age of eighteen months without growing any tooth here you should consult a pediatrician and a dentist, and they will show you the ways to help your baby teething.

Teething stage and how to deal with it
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